Эссе на тему незнание закона не освобождает от отвецтвености

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в 100 мл крови человека содержится 180 мг калия и 6,5 мг кальция. Сколько атамов калия и кальция содержится в крови, если средний объем крови составляет 5л?


сочинение на тему моя любимая птица


Морфологический разбор слова РАСЧЁСКА! Заранее спасибо=)


Можете пожалуйста помочь перевести, только без помощи промта. Мне больше нужен перевод более профессиональный._________________________________________________________________Have you ever heard anything about jazz? We are sure you have.Jazz is type of music and the only art form that was created in the United States.Jazz was created by black Americans.Many blacks were broght from Africa to America as slaves.Different native songs were sung by the black slaves and the music of their homeland was played in America.Jazz is a mixture of many different kinds of music.It is made up of the music of West Africa,the work songs of the slaves and religious music.The first jazz bands were formed at the end of the 19th century.They played in bars and clubs in many towns and cities of the South,especially New Orleans.Nowadays New Orleans is an international seaport, and people from all over the world come to New Orleans to hear jazz.Improvisation is an important part of jazz.This means that jazz music is made up or created on the spot.This is why a jazz song can sound a little different each time it is played.With time jazz became more and more popular.By the 1920s,jazz was popular all over the United States . By the 1940s, you could not only hear jazz in clubs and bars ,but in concert halls too.Today jazz is played all over the world.On every continent special festivals are held where jazz muscians from the United States,Asia,Africa,South America and Europe meet and share their music.In this way jazz continues to grow and change.Lets hope that no matter what happens in music jazz will always be performed and listened to.


Издательство одного популярного журнала обнаружило, что при цене 25 р. потребители покупают 5000 журналов за неделю, а при цене 30 р. - 4500 журналов за неделю.а)Определите коэффициэнт дуговой эластичности спроса на данном ценовом отрезке.б)Эластичными или неэластичным является спрос на журнал?


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  1. Вово, подхватываю я, подходя поближе. Брэндон тут же перестал сопротивляться и последовал за ней, опустив голову.

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