Упростите выражение (6- x)(2х+3) +х(2х -9).В ответе получилось 18=0. А как правильно решить и записать ответ?

Алгебра, Правильный ответ

Перечислите программные средства защиты компьютера


допиши правило поведения:Береги ________ от ударов- в ней слишком много ценного! Что вписать в пробел?


Сравнить структуры тыльной с ладонной стороной руки


Доказать тождество tg t/ tgt + ctgt = sin*2 t упрастить выражение tg t умножить cos(-t) + sin (Пи +t)


Нужно вставить нужное слово: 1) I (buy, bought) a new dress yesterday. 2) They didn,t ( win, won) the game. 3) Who is the (cleverer, cleverest) pupil in the class? 4) We ( go, went) to the funfair two days ago. 5) Kathy is the ( pretty, prettiest) girl in the school. 6) Did you ( meet, met) Paul at the hospital yesterday? 7) Liz ( wrote, writes ) a letter to Ken a week ago. 8) Ricky was the ( strongest, stronger ) boy in his class. 9) The boys ( rode, ride ) a camel at the zoo last summer. 10) My brother Tom didn,t ( swam, swim ) for his school team. 11) Kim ( meet, met ) Brad Pitt last month. 12) I (ride, rode ) a horse for the first time last Saturday. 13) Kevin is the ( better, best ) pupil in the class. 14) Mary and Julie ( went , go ) to a concert last night. 15) Jack is the ( stronger, strongest ) boy in the room. 16) Cindy ( bought, buy ) a new jacket yesterday. 17) Did John ( won, win ) the game? 18) Who is the ( loud, loudest ) student in the class? 19) We ( eat, ate ) chips and burgers for dinner. 20) They didn,t ( see, saw ) any dinosaurs in the museum.


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