В чем проявляется духовный смысл прелпринимательства?

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Помогите дописать текст.Клясич решил исправиться___________.Напротив Клясича выстроились все буквы алфавита_____________.Ой,что же теперь будут!!!!-испуганно вскрикнули гласные____________________.Жирный и злой Клясич грозно выставил ногу вперёд______________.По книги И.Токмаковой Аля,Клясич и буква А


Упростите выражение : (P*R)+(P*не R)+(Q*R)+(неP*Q*R)НИЖЕ В ВИДЕ КАРТИНКИ !


Составить полный жизненный цикл товара - футболки, помогите пожалуйста


Переведите пожалуйста:)CluedoEngland,1943.Anthony Pratt invents Cluedo and his wife designs the board.Waddington Games buys the idea,relases the game in 1949 and it becomes a great success.The aim of the game is to find out the identity of the killer of Dr Black,the murder weapon and the scene of the crime.In order to do that, players move around the house and ask the other players questions.The first player to solve the crime wins.ScrabbleNew York,1933.Alfred Butts notices how popular crossword puzzles are and comes up with the idea of Scrabble.In Scrabble players pick seven letter tiles at randomand then try to make words using their letters.Players get bonus points for using certain squares on the board and using letters like Q and Z.The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.MonopolyUsa,1934.Charles Darrow invents the Monopoly board game and makes the first 5000 sets of the game himself!The aim of the game is to make as much moneynas possible.In order to do that players buy,sell and rent property.One by one,the players run out of money and the last player left is the winner.Today,Monopoly is the best selling board game in the world with sales of over 200 million sets in 80 different countries.


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